2904, 2015

Consumer vulnerability, recognition by the financial services industry

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At Bridge Investments, we are of the view that it’s important not just to help you understand how to manage your finances, but also to give you an overview of what key issues are impacting [...]

2704, 2015

Understanding Long Term Care Insurance

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I am sure like me, you are well aware that with life expectancy increasing in the UK the prospect of needing long term care, and long term care insurance, is something that more and more people [...]

2003, 2015

2015 Budget Update

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In the 2015 Budget Update announced on 18th March 2015, the chancellor George Osborne said that Britain is growing, creating jobs and paying its way.  He also claimed that the country was "walking tall again" after [...]

1703, 2015

New pension freedoms explained

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Some of you may recall in the March 2014 Budget speech that the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, announced his ‘once in a generation changes’ to pension savings - new pension freedoms. This will [...]

104, 2014

The 2014 UK Budget

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The 2014 UK budget offered a radical vision of the future for pensions & savings, providing greater freedom and control than ever before possible. In one of our emails yesterday, we read this philosophy: "He [...]

503, 2013

The downgrade of the UK economy explained

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The credit rating agency Moody’s, downgraded the UK economy from AAA to AA1 late last week (22nd February). The downgrade of the UK economy had been rumoured for some time now, as most of the major [...]