The 2012/2013 ISA allowance overall is set at £11,280 of which £5,640 can be cash. Get the full benefit of this year’s allowance by investing now.

A higher ISA allowance represents good news for savers and investors who want to protect their returns from tax and aim to achieve a net return to keep pace with high levels of price inflation.

An Individual Savings Account is a tax efficient wrapper.

There are 2 types of ISAs – Stocks & Shares or Cash. A Cash ISA – is similar to a cash savings account, where no tax is paid on the interest you earn.


For more details see our “Advice for individual investors” PDF for more details on the benefits of ISAs.


What Bridge Investments Partners can do for you:

We offer an extremely personalised service to Clients that has the ultimate goal of making you more relaxed about what is happening to your money.

Help you with your long-term financial goals by listening to your personal goals and understanding your specific financial needs.

Determine the most suitable Asset Allocation and Portfolio Diversification based on those needs.

Help you understand your finances better.

Monitor and advise on Client’s portfolios in regular reviews.

We understand your long term financial goals and your attitude to risk. It is also very important to understand any immediate income requirements from your investments and how long you plan to invest for.


Bridge Investments Partners Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Angus Kirk

Financial Planner at Bridge Investments
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