Are you looking for a Financial Advisor in Edinburgh?

Do you sometimes find financial services confusing?

We are a highly respected financial services company based in the centre of Edinburgh.

Bridge Investments offers clear advice and information to help you make the right decisions about your future. Our guides will help you get to grips with financial planning; and our expert advisors will work closely with you to reach your financial goals.

We want you to feel more in control of your finances because you understand how your funds are being invested and you are happy in the knowledge that they are being actively managed, based on a thorough understanding of your personal needs.

You will know we are right for you…

  • If you prefer interacting with an actual person, rather than a call centre or a website
  • Like to make informed decisions, based around a discussion of all your options
  • Have realistic expectations for your financial goals
  • Are seeking a long term financial planning partner